China 12mm red bamboo plywood for construction real estate timber

China 12mm Red Bamboo Plywood For
  • Seller Hunan Zhongnan Shenjian Bamboo Veneer Co., Ltd.
  • Min. Order 100 Sheet/Sheets
  • FOB Price US $15-25 /Sheet

Item Details

Port: Changsha,Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Shanghai
Supply Ability: 50000 Sheet/Sheets per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

Product Description

China 12mm red bamboo plywood for construction real estate timber

Company Advantages

1.Abundant local raw material --Bamboo,we located in the world best Mao Bamboo original place.

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth,the growth rate is dependent on local soil and climatic conditions, as well as species.Primarily growing in regions of warmer climates during the late Cretaceous period, vast fields existed in what is now Asia, We located in the best Mao Bamboo original place.
2.We have the newest 18-layer of hot press machine and 15-layer of hot press machine,to make sure our products the top grade,

3.Over Ten years in manufacturing and developing of bamboo plywood. We have skilled workers and professional production management.

4. We have got the right to import and export, high-performance International Trade Department team provide professional services.

About Bamboo Plywood

Bamboo plywood is made of bamboo woven-mats, bamboo curtains, bamboo strips or a few of wooden veneers, which are glued and then pressed under high temperature and high pressure . The production process of bamboo plywood are similar but different to the production process of common plywood made of wood.

Bamboo is a kind of very hard material, so bamboo plywood is of higher strength than common plywood . Bamboo plywoods are widely used as shuttering plywood, trucks & cars floors, packing materials .

Bamboo plywood (Concrete Form), combi core (the first & last core layers are poplar veneers, other core layers are bamboo), face/back covered with film. The combi bamboo film faced plywood looks beautiful.

Product Description

China 12mm red bamboo plywood for construction real estate timber

Bamboo plywood description

Size 1220*2440mm
Thickness 8-20mm
Face & Back Bamboo
Film Phenolic film
Glue WBP phenolic,Melamine,MR
Structure Bamboo layers core
Productive technology Hot pressing
Edge Treatment Red, black or other color arcylic paint in order to against moisture
Application High-rise construction, building construction, bridge building construction, forming concrete, can be widely used for building concrete.
Item Unit Standard value Test result
Moisture % ≤14 9
Adhesive Force mm/layer ≤50 28
Bending strength Longitudinal N/mm² ≥70 83
Cross ≥50 52
Elastic Modulus Longitudinal N/mm² ≥6.5*10³ 7.4*10³
Cross ≥4.5*10³ 5.4*10³
Boiling, frozen, dried storing strength Longitudinal N/mm² ≥50 55
Cross ≥35 39

Bamboo Plywood Construction Site


We have professional QC manage in the wholemanufacturing process,final inspection before loading.

Loding terms:
1.Truck transport to Shenzhen or Guangzhou port warehouse then load,it can save time.
2.Load by container directly in factory warehouse and transport to Changsha Port.

Inspection before loding

Loading in factory


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Factory Gallery

Welcome to Hunan Zhongnan Shenjian Bamboo Veneer CO.,LTD

Factory Tour: Front Gate--->Full Scan--->Raw Material--->Cutting bamboo--->Braiding bamboo Veneer--->Braiding bamboo curtains--->Pre-Soak Phenolic Glue--->Soaking--->Drying in Air after glue--->Hot pressing--->Sealing edges--->Factory warehouse area

China 12mm red bamboo plywood for construction real estate timber